Small Business Restart Kit

Are you re-opening after COVID-19? 
Are you having a Grand Opening?
Are you having a sale?
Do you have a new menu for your restaurant?
New coupons for the month? 
Special Events?

These are all great ideas to use for marketing & advertising to the neighborhoods in your area using our Small Business Restart Kit.

What is it?

Our Restart Kit is a direct mail postcard campaign that uses the Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail Program to target residential addresses or residential and business addresses with zip codes that begin with “388”. It is an affordable, targeted way for you to advertise to your local community. 





Kit includes:
Full Color, Direct Mail Postcards 
Complimentary Graphic Design
Delivery to each Post Office in your Target Audience 
Social Media graphics to match your campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


How do I get started? 

Let’s identify the routes and number of mailboxes within proximity to your target area.  We’ll do this together over the phone or in person. Once we’ve identified your routes and mailboxes, you’ll have a good idea of your cost per card. This chart will give you a good idea of your pricing per card.                                 

Once you’ve determined your target audience, we’ll work with you to design and print your postcard. We’ll also handle the delivery of your campaign to Post Office making sure you receive the lowest postage rate allowed – $.168 per piece. 

Increase Your Advertising Effectiveness with
Social Media Graphics You will receive Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter graphics designed, sized, and ready for upload included in your Kit.

Contact us at 662-842-5284 to learn more.