Digital Services

  • Personalized
  • Targeted 
  • Print, Web, Email, Mobile, and QR Codes
  • Real-Time Data Tracking
  • Real-Time Qualified Leads

Multi-Channel Marketing is the future of sales & marketing in this ever-increasing digital age. We offer you a product solution that allows you to incorporate print, web, email and mobile communications effectively and efficiently across all channels and help maximize your sales & marketing dollars.

The digital age has created new behaviors that we, as marketers, need to harness and use to our advantage. Effective marketers are using print and digital media platforms to effectively reach their customers with targeted, one-to-one media communications. You can use data that you already have, or let us help you gather and refine data to send highly relevant, targeted messages.

We can empower your organization with the ability to truly personalize your message. Using your own data, purchased lists or a combination of the two, we can help you drill down into your data to extract vital information that can then be used to build customer profiles. This will help you identify how to best communicate with your customers. True personalization is not about putting a name on a printed piece. True personalization speaks directly to the intended person based on their habits and preferences. Our job does not end at sending out the printed piece. We also offer integration with Personalized Web Sites and E-mails using the same data. This gives the recipient the convenient option to respond online. We also track and help analyze the results from your campaign.

Weatherall can help you effectively market to your customers with attention-grabbing, multi-channel marketing strategies to help you increase your response rates and sales.

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